Nutritious drink … Ang Buko, Bow !

Pinoy love this … freshly picked from the tree these are sold anywhere be it on the street, the supermarket, the wet market … it is sold as cold drink still in the husk … it is chilled or frozen that vendors sell near offices, schools, parks and other places where people converge. They say it is medicinal …  yes it is rich in electrolytes … and when one drinks this after too much sweating because of hard work like jogging running it brings back energy as one research that I read said. The business side of this is that a multi-national company operating right here in our region will bring this thirst quenching drink to the international market … an expansion of its operation here will not only bring the by-product of our Miracle Tree, the coconut, internationally but also more jobs for our fellow Pinoys … bring it on … !  Here’s my story … 


Davao Sur coconut firm to produce coco water for int’l market 

By Prix Digna D. Banzon

DAVAO CITY, April 10 (PNA) — With the high demand for coco water in the international market, Franklin Baker is expanding the operation of its plant in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur to producing a new product out of coconut.

Sta. Cruz Mayor Joel Ray Lopez disclosed on Thursday at the Davao Business Forum organized by DermPath, SM City Davao and San Miguel PureFoods that Franklin Baker is expanding its operation in their town for production of coco water.

Mayor Lopez said the company is finalizing negotiations with the Ayala’s for the acquisition of the property that was earlier leased to CJ Toyota Tsusho Philippines, Inc.

He said Franklin Baker is negotiating for the property that was earlier occupied by the CJ Toyota Tsusho Philippines, Inc. which company produces coconut sugar D-xylose out of coconut shell.

The Korean company however closed down due to technology problem that caused them tremendous losses.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Davao del Sur provincial head Eulogio Orevillo said the negotiation is ongoing and the parties are already finalizing details.

“We see positive results with the negotiation undertaken by two parties,” he said.

Provincial Agri-Industrial Center (PAIC) administrator of Sta. Cruz town Camila Infuesto said Franklin Banwas first agri-industrial processing plant that located in their municipality.

The Sta. Cruz processing plant produces desiccated coconut which produce is exported to international market like the US.


She said new businesses or expansion of existing business is what our locality needs because this would also mean more jobs for the locals.

She said as indicated in their Investment Code, companies that locate in their municipality must employ residents of the area.

The entry of more businesses in Sta. Cruz gave their municipality a tremendous increase of the local revenue, she said.

She said from the P75.1 million income in 2001 it grew by 426 percent in 2013 as it generated an income of P196.765 million.

As shown in the graph, the town’s income from 2001 to 2007 recorded a very minimal increase but went up in 2008 with the entry of more businesses.

She said they continue to invite investors even as she said that they make sure that they maintain their reputation as a business friendly town. (PNA) CTB/Digna D. Banzon/ldp



Coconut …

Known as the tree of life … Davao corners the biggest area planted to coconut. Coconut is a tree where all it parts can be of use … from the trunk, the leaves and more especially the fruit.  And lately, foreign personalities go crazy about “buko” juice and based on personal experience taking this juice makes me more active.  In an article published by Digital Running Club on coco water it said it could replenish electrolyte in the body after a though workout as it contains all five essential electrolytes, namely, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, and calcium.  A lot can be done about coconut and this Davao businessman explored into producing coco syrup which became popular in other foreign markets … here’s my story …


Davao businessman finds new foreign markets for coco syrup

DAVAO CITY, Aug. 17 (PNA) — A Davao businessman has found new foreign markets for coco syrup in Germany and Australia.

Benjamin Lao, president of Lao Integrated Farms Inc. (LIFI), said their company as one of the major players in the coconut industry in the Davao Region, had initially exported some 1,200 liters of coco syrup to Germany and another 900 liters to Australia in July this year.

“That volume is just our initial export since we just began last month. There’s a growing demand for coco syrup in the global market,” Lao said.

He also said local coconut producers in the region will find another boost in terms of income since negotiation is ongoing between them and the new global markets to allow the entry of coconut products, including coco sugar, syrup and seasoning in Japan and Canada.

Lao said 80 percent of the total production of their coco syrup is exported to global markets while only 20 percent distributed locally.

He said the United States and European countries remain as LIFI’s top international markets.

Lao said they have been exporting to these international markets since 2009 of about 8,000 liters of coco syrup and about a ton of coco sugar a month.

Lao said his firm produces 350 kilograms of coco sugar and 600 liters of coco syrup a day. These products, derived from the coco sap.

He also assured local coconut producers that exporting coco syrup will not wipe out the copra business in the country.

“The production of these products will not affect the copra, since the coconut sap comprises only 2 to 10 percent of the coconut tree,” Lao said.

In order to increase production of coco sap, he recommended planting two dwarf varieties of coconut — the Mawa and Aromatic — that can produce an average of four litres day. (PNA) Prix Digna D. Banzon/ldp/utb

PageSnapp Davao goes to Silicon Valley

Anywhere in the world, you can find Pinoy talents … and they don’t stop coming and this time with this group of young professionals who emerged winner in the AngelHack Manila Competition 2013 that entitles them to compete globally this September in Silicon Valley. They will compete with 250 other developers coming from the different countries around the world. Good luck to these Pinoy guys.  Since I got the chance to interview them … here’s my story …

DAVAO CITY (PNA) — After getting the grand prize winner in the competition at AngelHack Manila 2013, the developers of PageSnapp are preparing for their trip to Silicon Valley, California this September.


(Courtesy Photo)

PageSnapp team is composed of Rolly Rulete, Marvin Consuegra, Raymond Delfin, Miro Galang and Jay Albano.

The group in an interview after the Kapehan sa Davao at SM City recently, said their main objective of developing the application is to help the business community of Davao and those from other parts of the world.

Four members of the team are employed with a startup company, Life Bit, whose owner was also a winner in an AngelHack competition years back. The other team member is from Pampanga.

But they said their employer at Life Bit did not prevented them from exploring thus they improved on their skills on program development and graphic works and competed in the event that was joined by 250 developers and gave them the opportunity to present their product to the global market. During the competition they were given 24 hours to do the coding and make the software work.

PageSnapp will join 31 other winners of the AngelHack Spring Global Challenge conducted in various cities in Asia Pacific, North America, South America, and Europe.

Davao ICT chair Eriberto Barriga, Jr. said PageSnapp together with the other winning teams will present their startups to investors and other related sectors during th Global Demo Day in Silicon Valley this September.

He said of the competing developers, 10 will be picked and be given booths at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco from September 7 to 11, 2013.

“We are optimistic our Davao-Pampanga team will make it,” he said.

Barriga said “their project could help a lot of small businesses and we are proud we have top notch developers who can compete globally”.

He said they are looking at the 16 million local business pages worldwide and get a share of the pie, build their network and later go into commercializing their product.

He said AngelHack will introduce them to incubators and investors to help run their idea into a start-up which is part of their 5,000-dollar travel grant to Silicon Valley. (PNA)
hbc/ASA/Prix Digna D. Banzon/ldp

Reducing waste through charcoal briquette production

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)  is conducting a massive advocacy on reducing waste through its charcoal briquetting program that will at the same provide alternative livelihood and conserve forest resources.

Bonifacio A. Apura, regional executive director of DENR XI said they had introduced the technology to different sectors in the community saying that it generated good results although a lot of work still has to be done.

With the volume of garbage that is being produced and using the technology he said these waste products could be converted into charcoal of better quality.

He said the DENR charcoal is a solid fuel dervied from carbonized leaves, twigs, stem and other farm and urban wastes and compacted into briquettes.  The charcoal is easy to ignite and burns completely in at least 50 minutes.

He said with this charcoal it can lessen wood charcoal consumption of poultry farms, households and other domestic businesses. Every year these charcoal users consume about 5.4 metric cubic meters of fuel wood from the forest and woodlands or an equivalent of 1.35 million metric tons of charcoal.  And for every ton of briquettes produced, about 88 trees are conserved.

Citing comnparative analysis of the type of charcoal required per household Continue reading

Davao bakeshop to open new branches this year

Panaderia, a local bakeshop in Davao City, is bent on opening new branches in other Mindanao areas this year to be able to achieve a profitable operation.

Samuel M. Abrenilla, owner of CokTek Manufacturing and Panaderia Bakeshop said having multiple outlets means higher revenue.

He said they are looking at the cities of General Santos, Valencia and Cagayan de Oro.

Although he said they would not want to do aggressive steps this year, the additional outlets of at least three to their existing 13 branches would give them better income. This is competitive enough, he said.

“We need to have bigger revenue source to come up with profitable operation,” he said.

But Abrenilla admitted that their operation has been affected by the economic downtrend. Their operation already suffered in 2008 getting an income very much lower compared in 2007.

He said the bakeshop operation is highly dependent on imported products and prices of these commodities have gone high.

But he said they would not compromise the ingredients because they have to maintain the quality of their products.

Despite the current financial crisis, Abrenilla said they will not sacrifice the quality of their products.

Panaderia’s signature product “hot pandesal” will still be available as early as 5:00 am. even as he said that they will still maintain the same ingredients to any of their products.

Abrenilla put up Panaderia Bakeshop after he invented the Coktek Oven where it is known for its distinct feature of equal heat inside the chamber.

With this feature, he said they were able to save substantially on LPG gas of about 20 to 50 percent.

The industrial oven that Abrenilla invented has a capacity of 12 baking pans costing P50,000.

He said his invention is comparable to the product made in Korea and Taiwan of about P150,000.

Med distributor to expand in Mindanao

A Manila-based medicine distributor will expand its operations in Mindanao after it hit a 12,000 clients in Davao last year.
The Med Express which delivers nedicines and milk formulas right at the clients doorstep is putting up new stores in Davao City and other parts of Mindanao.
Med Express business development manager Carlo Lorenzana said with one store servicing their clients in the city, they are putting up two more offices that will be servicing those in the northern and southern areas of Davao City.
He said they will open branches within the first quarter this year in the cities of Butuan and Cagayan de Oro.
Med Express already has over 200 stores all over the country servicing 200,000 clients. It has three franchise stores in Jakarta, Indonesia, he said.
Lorenzana said they are optimistic of the business in 2009 even as he said that they noted a 40 percent growth in 2008 as against their performance in

Travex in Kuching

Mindanao extensively promoted in Travex Kuching

The Travel Expo in Kuching, Malaysia from October 27 to November 5, 2007 gave Mindanao extensive promotions for its culture, food and crafts.

Philippines, Davao and Mindanao made a good showing at the Travex where events hosted by Filipinos never miss the front and inner pages of their newspapers.

The Filipinos had the chance to show off their talents and craftsmanship.

At the Kuching Travex, the Marco Polo Hotel Davao Continue reading