Manila real property developer launches 8 Spatial in Davao City

Real estate project still is the top driver in Davao City’s investments. Another medium rise building  (MRB) by Filinvest Land Inc. has been launched here with target market the middle income earners.  Here’s my story …

DAVAO CITY, Sept. 23 (PNA) — Some P2 billion investment for the new development here, the Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) is building six medium rise buildings in a 3.8 hectare prime property along Julian Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue or known to many as the Maa Road.

The project was formally launched during the contract signing on Monday at Marco Polo Davao between FLI headed by the executive vice president and vice chairman Andrew Gotianum, Jr and the CVA & Sons represented by Atty. Antonio VA. Llamas and Maria Loreto VA Abella Lopez.



According to Tristan las Marias, FLI first vice president for Visayas and Mindanao, once this is fully developed total investment is pegged at P4 billion. This project he said is apart from the already 13 ongoing MRB projects around the country.

Las Marias said the 8 Spatial offers the best of its design at an affordable price.

However, he said they are offering this to the middle income group, to young professionals and also to couples whose combined income is pegged within the bracket of P30,000 to P40,000 monthly.

“The monthly amortization of P6,000 is an easy package that we offer to a buyer,” he said.

Las Marias also emphasized that they offer a product with more spaces as they do away with beams and columns plus the inclusion of green design making use of natural light and ventilation.

The project covers a 3.8 hectare property where it is FLI’s third joint venture with CVA & Sons, the family corporation of the prominent Carlos Villa Abrille clan of Davao City.

The two other projects are Fuente de Villa-Abrille along Tulip Drive in Matina and Le Jardin de Villa-Abrille, along Julian Rodriguez Sr. Avenue and facing 8 Spatial.

He said because it is located within a developing commercial area they will develop the first level of the 6-storey building for commercial area where businesses like coffee shops, laundry services and others may locate as this will also benefit the residents.

Geraldine de Gorostiza, area development manager said 8 Spatial features 8 buildings with 6 floors each where the units are larger and are designed for functionally and efficiency. It will feature spaces with buildings’ footprint occupying only 30 percent of the total land area giving residents spacious sanctuary amidst the urban sprawl.

She said it is within walking distance to NCCC Mall, S&R Membership Shopping and other commercial establishments.

It is also very near educational institutions like University of Mindanao Matina Campus, Ateneo de Davao University Matina Campus and the Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

Meanwhile, Las Marias believes that with their target market for 8 Spatial, the buyers are end-users as they also target those families from neighboring cities and provinces who would want to send their children to the prestigious schools of Davao City.

He also said that the recent construction methodology they adopt are also based on the study they conducted even as he said that this design is in response to what the buyers consider in acquiring a unit with more spaces and also its accessibility to transportation and major establishments, schools and others.

He also said that aside from developing residential subdivisions, they develop MRBs where they offer a much better living environment due to its low-density and wide open spaces.Image

The MRB he said is the best alternative for the urban Filipino family. (PNA)
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Green building designs in PHL now a trend

Green design is the answer especially now that demand of power continue to increase and yet not enough supply is generated to meet the requirements.  What I like with green design is it factors in the use of all natural yet free use of the basics … air and light and even the use of rain water.  Many might think it’s late but embracing it is the right thing to do.  Some experts have spoken and I made them as the source of my story …  Please check the attached article … 

DAVAO CITY, July 24 (PNA) — Although the green designs for buildings in the Philippines has just started, it is becoming a trend and a good opportunity for Mindanao to go for it.

This was said by Architect Romolo Valentino Nati, chairman, ITALPINAS European Design & Eco-Development Corporation in a press conference held during the conduct of Mindanao Energy Efficiency Forum on Tuesday at the Marco Polo Hotel Davao.

Nati said there is a need to correct the impression that green design is costly saying “we should help correct this kind of stereotyping.”

The design of the building helps ensure natural ventilation as Nati said we need to control the temperature inside the building.


He said the use of aircondition units is 60 percent of the total power consumption and with green designs the consumption of energy can be reduced.

Nati’s corporation has built an eco-friendly mix use building in Cagayan de Oro City where funding was accessed through the Renewal Energy facility of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

He said the mix use building offers the same price range with the other buildings in the market.

Meanwhile, Noel Verdote, operations officer, Sustainable Energy Finance, International Finance Corporation said only few projects fall under renewable energy and investment size is large.

He said there is a huge opportunity for investment on energy efficiency of about 97 billion dollars for 97,000 investment decisions.

But he said despite the huge opportunity, it is not perceived as a core business because more is focused on top line growth and competing internal interests.

He also said that the potential is underestimated because decision makers underestimate energy losses by half and technical personnel focus on reliability and not on efficiency.

He also said there is also the lack of turnkey package as solutions seem fragmented and ambiguous while the value of savings uncertain and the need for external financing.

Verdote said several banks and other financial institutions have facilities to fund projects on renewable energy even as he said that the need to innovate must continue.

And this can be done through microfinance, the ESCO financing and Green buildings for commercial retrofits, construction of green buildings and green mortgages.

He also said that banks like the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) provide funding for energy efficiency projects for SMEs and the savings they generate from energy consumption is used to pay for the loan. (PNA)

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Hijo Estate Resorts opens door to the public

By Prix Digna D. Banzon

MADAUM, Davao del Norte, May 17 (PNA) -– A newly-opened 760-hectare Hijo Estate Resorts, a mix-use tourist development along the Davao Gulf in Madaum, is now open to the public.

In the 60s, the Hijo Estate Resorts was an agricultural farm and popularly known as the Hijo Plantation. It was the first banana plantation that made its first shipment of cavendish bananas to Japan on May 21, 1969.

Hijo Resources Corporation president and chief executive officer Rosanna Tuason-Fores said with the rich natural resources inside the estate, it would be best to share it with the people.

Situated at the center of the Davao Gulf, she said one can absorb the natural landscape and the purity of nature.

“Absorb Hijo with its rich resources, release yourself and take in the beauty,” she said in a briefing with members of media from the cities of Davao and Tagum.

The Resort is part of a master plan of the Hijo Estate Tourism Development where it has an investment of P250 million for the infrastructure and land value combined.

Fores said the development is continuing and will do it by phases even as talks are ongoing with an international partner for converting the existing wharf to an international port making it an agricultural gateway in Mindanao.

The Hijo township project is composed of several components from resort, residential, international port, commercial and mix use development.

Although she did not disclose the identity of the partner, she said they intend to start ground works within the year.

“We wanted to help small farmers market their produce direct to the international buyer by accessing the port even as she stressed that while they partner with a foreign company, still we set the bar,” she said.

Within the estate also is a 120 hectares land classified as Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), while some 100 hectares will be for residential villas with 1,000- sq.m. per area for prospective owners.

Meanwhile, Fores said with the opening of the Hijo Estate Resorts to the public, they noticed that people also look for quality leisure resort.

She noted that with tourism as the third or fourth biggest industry in the Philippines, this new tourist landmark (Hijo Estare Resorts) is an addition in the country.

She said the resort includes Banana Beach, the world’s only beach inside a banana plantation, and Lanikai Heritage House, the original plantation home that is now open to the public.

Both Banana Beach and Lanikai offer resort accommodation and world-class swimming pools designed to cater to individuals who wish to indulge in seaside luxury. It also features the Spot, a private fishing spot stocked with talakitok, bangus, and, once in a while, a barracuda.

Among the tours offered within the property includes a unique twilight safari that lets visitors witness wild boars roaming around at dusk. It also has the daytime forest tour, a river cruise, and an orchard tour that allows visitors to pluck fruits straight from the trees (depending on the season).

The Hijo Estate Resorts is the only company that offers banana plantation tours that showcase how bananas are propagated, raised, harvested and packed for export to markets all over the world.

The resort had its soft opening last year and since then traffic kept on increasing both for domestic and foreign tourists. It recorded some 1,600 tourists in April 2012. (PNA)

Planning to build a house in the Philippines ?

Here are some useful information that you might be interested as offered by Pag-IBIG Fund or Home Development Mutual Fund ….

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  5. Has passed satisfactory background/credit and employment/business checks
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Medium-rise residences woo Davao residents

venus_thumbnail_2.gifThe shift of homebuyers to medium rise residential buildings (MRBs) is an indication that Davao City is ready for the new concept. Tristan Las Marias, vice president for regional operations of Filinvest Land Incorporated of Visayas and Mindanao said the coming in of MRBs is also to respond to the non-availability of lands very near the urban centers.

The city also has outgrown the trend of horizontal residential development and has move towards the more sophistical Continue reading

Filinvestment sets new investments in Davao City


The investments of Filinvest Land Incorporated (FLI) in Davao City is estimated to reach P6 billion next year when it starts to work on the P1.5 billion “One Oasis Davao City” early 2008. Tristan Las Marias, FLI vice president for Visayas and Mindanao in a press briefing on Wednesday at the Marco Polo Hotel said One Oasis Davao City is another pioneering residential development project of the biggest full range property developer in the country. It will be located in a 2.3 hectare lot beside SM City Davao.

Filinvest owned by the Gotianun (Andrew and Mercedes) who startedwith P300,000 for a business capital and now with a net worth of $860 million, was named by Forbes Magazine as the 7th richest people of the Philippines of 40 rich individuals.

He said the other residential projects in Davao are Le Jardin, Continue reading