This is foul …

A domestic helper, if I am to elaborate, helps, assists or does household work for homeowners anywhere in the world and not about sexual acts.  Busy homeowners don’t have time for thorough household chores and for the rich who can afford it, the task is left to the DH.

I’ve known famous and rich families but I have not heard them make fun with their worker and in fact they are grateful as things are easier for them especially with Filipinas who are known to be industrious and hardworking.

But this time that DHs are portrayed as such by influential media network like BBC, the government-owned British Broadcasting Corp for its reportedly “racist and humiliating” portaryal of a Filipina domestic worker is a FOUL, just like what Desperate Housewives did to Filipino doctors in one of their sitcom.

Media is a strong force because it could either make or unmake a person, a country, or a race.

I am a Filipina and I strongly denounced you guys out there making fun of us. You don’t own the universe that you can just make fun of anyone.

I expect those that run the networks as responsible and with ethics.

But as this developed, concerted efforts are being worked out here and in the UK where protest actions are being planned.

An email campaign “condemning” the BBC and a demand for apology are likewise being circulated among the community.

The controversial skit, aired in the September 26 episode of “Harry and Paul,” showed comedian Harry Enfield telling a postman that he is ordering his Filipino maid to mate with his friend Paul Whitehouse.

Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel said the humiliating portrayal of Filipina workers “promotes negative stereotypes that cultivate impunity among those who abuse Filipina workers abroad.”

She added that making overseas Filipinas appear as submissive sex objects reinforces the notion that foreigners could easily hire small and sexy Filipina domestic helpers and turn them into sexual objects.

“By making it a joke, it encourages a consciousness that promotes human trafficking,” Hontiveros said.

BBC stop that dirty game not only among Filipinas but all the women in the world. Your homes too have women that are to be respected by men and everybody ! We do respect men too because we love our fathers, brothers, grandfathers, sons, nephews and male friends all because they have manners. Better be sorry BBC !