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femaleavatar25.gifWelcome !

This site is home to business stories that prix d banzon writes about Southern Philippines and other similar interesting topics. I am running this page to inform my readers that this southern part of the Philippines has an equally exciting business climate where many people from other parts of the globe come to do business and at the same time enjoy its rich natural resources. It offers to visitors choices of relaxation from the island to highland setting. Cost of doing business is very competitive. The island is linked up to the world as wifi access is available at hotels, malls, coffee shops, and other sites. Thanks for dropping. Hope to see you again. Madayaw !


3 thoughts on “My page

  1. pat jr, pads says:

    i like your site,informative and it’s a good referral to those people who wants to engage in business esp. in this bustling city of davao.

  2. Hello,

    You’ve built up quite a nice blog with useful info for your visitors I will mention it on my personal blog for sure! I’m trying to get more exposure for a new project that I’m working on and it’s hard to find quality blogs such as yours. Trying not to waste your time or to disturb you, I was wondering if you could add an extra link to your blogroll to the project I’m working on?

    Project url:

    Project’s short story: It all started after I’ve obtained an MBA in finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2001, and I was invited to write some financial articles for big publications at that time(such as Forbes, Moneyweek, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, etc). In time I’ve made a lot of great friends and we’ve started working as a team, and with the help from the feedback of our readers we’ve created, a financial information portal. The website started as a hobby, but lately turned out to be our passion.

    Your link could make the difference!

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