Mt. Hamiguitan is Mindanao’s first in the list of World Heritage as declared by UNESCO …. the local govenrment vows to take their responsibility of sustaining environmental protection in the are …. here’s my story ….


DavOr crafts stronger policies to protect World Heritage Mt. Hamiguitan 
By Prix Digna D. Banzon

DAVAO CITY, June 27 (PNA) — The province of Davao Oriental will be crafting more policies to ensure that the World Heritage Mt. Hamiguitan area is well protected.

Davao Oriental governor Corazon Malanyaon said there is a need to determine the carrying capacity of the place to assure that the flora and fauna and other organisms and their habitats are preserved.

“I will rally with the members of the provincial board to come up with policies to ensure that the mountain range is protected,” she said.

Malanyaon in her speech during the 38th Session of the World Heritage Committee last week in Doha, Qatar, said they will take seriously in protecting the site.

“We take seriously our responsibility to protect the site’s high endemic species of flora and fauna, some of which are critically endangered like the Philippine Eagle and the carnivorous pitcher plants. Mount Hamiguitan is home to an expansive centuries-old tropical pygmy forest,” she said.

While the inscription is a celebration of the global partnership in their shared vision and desire to conserve these natural gifts for future generation she said there is a need to strictly monitor and preserve it.

“It is a step forward towards the continuation of monitoring and preserving the fragile ecosystems in the mountain amidst changing climate and typhoon patters,” Malanyaon said.

The governor vowed to protect the mountain range saying “I affirm our resolve as local stakeholders to protect and conserve the site’s inscribed outstanding universal value and integrity”.

Malanyaon in an earlier report said that they were successful in convincing indigenous communities living near the mountain range not to include in their claim for ancestral domain, the area which has become famous for the century-old bonsai farm.

Mt. Hamiguitan was declared as protected area in 2004 through Republic Act 9303

It has five vegetation types: the agroecosystem, dipterocarp, montane and typical mossy and the mossy-pygmy forest and that it is found to possess high and varied ecosystem with many endangered, endemic and rare species of flora and fauna of 1,380 species including the endangered Pithecophage jefferyi or the Philippine Eagle.

The range covers the towns of San Isidro, Governor Generoso and Mati City of about 31,879 hectares and the mountain range is 1,620 meters above sea level.

The mountain range is the first area in Mindanao that made into the World Heritage list. (PNA)


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