“trash to cash …”

There’s truth to the saying … “your trash is a gold mine to others” … and this story is a testament to converting trash to cash.  Sharing to my readers this article I wrote about recycling business …
Recycling plant supplies distributors’ effs trays requirements nationwide
DAVAO CITY, May 7 (PNA) — Out of waste papers and cartoons, a Davao-based recycling plant supplies the needs of egg trays of distributors in the country.Jomaray Pulp Pacaking Industries human resource manager Joefrey Oclarit told Tuesday’s Davao Business Forum at DermPath in SM City Davao they source their raw materials of waste papers and cartoons from the different establishments in the city and in the box plant of Dole Philippines.
JPPI is headed by Jonathan O. Suy who was awarded as the Small Business Entrepreneur of the country in 2012 by Ernst and Young.

Anchored on the company’s support for protecting the environment, he said they proportion their production with 70 percent waste papers and 30 percent water.

And the water used is also being recycled, he said.

He said they could produce 5,000 egg trays per hour and their operation is for 24 hours.

Thirty percent of the waste materials are sourced out from Davao City and 70 percent from Dole Philippines box plant.He sad about 6 tons of waste products are hauled from Dole box plant even as he said that they also get materials from other government offices like the shredded waste papers from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
But in the case of the BSP, a bank representative goes to our plant to make sure that the shredded waste papers are used in our production as this is part of the requirement of the government.
Oclarit said the concept and design was our own innovation and the machines used by the plant here is manufactured in China which they had an agreement that said design and concept is solely for their own use.He said before they upgraded into total automation of their production about 300 workers were employed and with the new technology, the operation for the recycling plant is run by 100 people.The other product that the plant produces are the papaya and pineapple trays that Dole Philippines need for their fruit export to Japan and other foreign markets.

He said it was the plant’s product offer to Dole which they become the sole supplier of this particular item.

He said the Dole company upon using the trays produced by JPPI noted lesser wastage.

As this developed, he said the demand is increasing but “we see the lack of raw materials as a positive problem”.

Right now he said they are negotiating with big malls to buy their waste paper and cartoons. “We are just finalizing some details and hopefully we get an additional volume of 3 to 4 tons weekly at the two SM malls (Ecoland and Lanang) and another 2 tons in NCCC.

Oclarit also said that they have also special contracts like a company in Batangas where they manufactured an electronic tray for Ionics Skyware Electronic Device that are shipped to the US and Europe.

He said they will also venture into producing paper plates and cups with the total ban of plastics and styro products in the city.

But he said they will be using virgin materials of white bond paper from paper mills and printing presses.

“The project is still being studied and hopefully we could start the production of the new product by the third quarter,” he said. (PNA)

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