New 7-storey hotel opens in Davao

A seven-floor hotel with over a hundred rooms opens early January this year in Davao City.

Uy Ching Siong, owner of My Hotel which is a businessman’s hotel in an interview said the hotel was the former Grand MenSeng Hotel located in one of the city’s major thoroughfares, the San Pedro Street.

With a project cost of over P47 million, he said the renovation was focused more on the rooms and the putting in of new facilities. Nothing was altered with the structures because when they check on the engineering works, it had strong foundation and in good condition.

The invested fund covered the land acquisition, the building renovation and machine and equipment.

He said My Hotel offers affordable rates plus other amenities like free WiFi access in every room, free long distance calls to to the US and Canada, free Globe line to Globe line nationwide call, free Sun to Sun call, free local call, 24 hours security camera, fire alarm system, standby generator, PABX telephone system, color TV with cable in every room, elevator, free newspaper reading, function room and restaurant.

“We wanted to give the best to our clients that is why we also invested on these modern equipment and faciltiies,” he said.

Despite the mushrooming of other small hotels in Davao City, he said they are optimistic of their hotel investment as they bank more of getting more clients with their location just within the heart of the city.

My Hotel is very near the San Pedro Catheral, the City Hall, San Pedro Police Station, banks and major stores.He said occupancy rate is still fluctuating even as he said that they are satisfied with what they have although they need to promote the hotel in either Manila and Cebu.


12 thoughts on “New 7-storey hotel opens in Davao

  1. Henry says:

    Hi. I was in Davao last week (April 13-22, 2009) and saw My Hotel while shopping along San Pedro. That place looks great! It’s so bright and obviously updated. When I saw the hotel, I thought wow this place looks awesome. I didn’t get a chance to go inside as I was in a taxi, but I would like to get pricing information. The hotel’s location to the shopping venues of San Pedro are an added plus. Hope to stay there next year!

  2. Scotch says:

    Ive stayed in this hotel last summer and I find it very nice. The room is clean and the room service is great. What surprised me, is that this hotel offers free call to US and Canada. With this, I’ve got to call and talk to my friends and family in US. Nice hotel for the price of PHP1,035 per night. This hotel is absolutely worth more than you paid for.

  3. louise says:

    oh yeah! your right… Ive been their last week for a vacation and I stayed at My Hotel… I really enjoyed their amenities like free local calls I got a chance to talked with my friends in Davao. They also offer free Sun to Sun calls and free WiFi access in every room too. For as low as Php1,035 per night, its very affordable. If you want to experience a bliss, stay at My Hotel you will surely get satisfaction….

    • Henry says:

      Nice! I was hoping to hear from someone who actually stayed there. These comments will aid in my return visit come April 2010. Thanks!!

  4. Daffyd says:

    I’ve been in Davao quite long time ago to attend some family matters. My cousin choose My Hotel because it is near at the church where my cousin and her bride will take a bow at San Pedro Cathedral. I was so exhausted at that time because of the long trip but I got relief when the staff is accommodating to my need and with a smile of her face. I said to myself, WOW! its nice that there are people taking care of you as if they’ve known you long time ago, like a family member perhaps. I love going back there at Davao where you can stay at nice, clean, safe and accommodating and friendly staff. My hotel is simply the best. thanks guys….

    • cute says:

      you are right daffyd they really have awesome and caring staff. Not only that there room is clean and the ambiance is great it suits to different emotions whether you are happy or senti or making some weird stuff to make you relax. imagine every room has an access to their wifi and free calls locals or international. i avail the local call but not the international one… i forgot the number of my auntie… time i will stay there just to call my auntie in states. joke….they really good in service and they have a perfect place. you feel secure every time you will go to my hotel.

  5. Hi Good Day!

    I just want to give a heads up about the hotel-airport-hotel pick-up or transfer that they do not have that kind of services. What I can suggest, the My Hotel is very much near at the city so you can assure that driver knows the location and the airport also has many taxi cabs around that you can ride in for a 100.00 pesos with a 20-25 minute of travel.

    I hope it helps!

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