Davao bakeshop to open new branches this year

Panaderia, a local bakeshop in Davao City, is bent on opening new branches in other Mindanao areas this year to be able to achieve a profitable operation.

Samuel M. Abrenilla, owner of CokTek Manufacturing and Panaderia Bakeshop said having multiple outlets means higher revenue.

He said they are looking at the cities of General Santos, Valencia and Cagayan de Oro.

Although he said they would not want to do aggressive steps this year, the additional outlets of at least three to their existing 13 branches would give them better income. This is competitive enough, he said.

“We need to have bigger revenue source to come up with profitable operation,” he said.

But Abrenilla admitted that their operation has been affected by the economic downtrend. Their operation already suffered in 2008 getting an income very much lower compared in 2007.

He said the bakeshop operation is highly dependent on imported products and prices of these commodities have gone high.

But he said they would not compromise the ingredients because they have to maintain the quality of their products.

Despite the current financial crisis, Abrenilla said they will not sacrifice the quality of their products.

Panaderia’s signature product “hot pandesal” will still be available as early as 5:00 am. even as he said that they will still maintain the same ingredients to any of their products.

Abrenilla put up Panaderia Bakeshop after he invented the Coktek Oven where it is known for its distinct feature of equal heat inside the chamber.

With this feature, he said they were able to save substantially on LPG gas of about 20 to 50 percent.

The industrial oven that Abrenilla invented has a capacity of 12 baking pans costing P50,000.

He said his invention is comparable to the product made in Korea and Taiwan of about P150,000.


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