Gaming in the net

Playing on line game is a common thing among young ones. Kids play the game fast and very focused. This is no longer for those who can afford it because it can be accessed anywhere with the internet cafes mushrooming around the city.

Check on the neighborhood you can find one or two where kids flockto play their game.

In Davao City the city’s Business Bureau after apprehending a number of internet cafes that allowed school age children to play online games during school hours said this time they will intensify their monitoring and go full operation by the first week of February.

There are about 400 internet cafes in Davao City with business permits that are accredited with the Internet Cafe Accreditation Board (Icab) although there are still others operating without business permits.

The Internet Cafe Ordinance (City Ordinance No. 0227-04) prohibits operating an internet cafe without business permit or license. By that law however it allows students to surf or source data/information other than those needed for study or educational purposes during prescribed class hours.

People really even with the corresponding ordinances already imposed still try go against it. Data source out through the net by students or anybody come easy but students during class hours instead of being in school are found in cafes for online games already is a perennial problem that must be thoroughly checked by the authorities and cafe owners. And parents must also do their share.

The Business Bureau vowed to do their monitoring and this is one issue that has to be looked at and we keep a close watch on it.


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