Davao City: Asia’s city to watch in the future

mindanao-davao-smll-copy.jpgthe-economy_small1.jpgdavao-city1.jpgairport.jpgpryce-tower.jpgmt-apo.jpgkadayawan.jpgAfter being named as Asia’s most livable city, Davao City this time was named by Finance Direct Investment (FDI) magazine of the Financial Times Group as one of the Top Ten Asian Cities in the Future.

Only three cities in the Philippines made it to the top ten. Aside from Davao City that landed on the tenth rank, Quezon City ranked 7th while Cebu City on the 8th place.

The premier cities of Singapore and HongKong got the first and second ranks respectively,

Among others these cities were rated based on investment opportunities and governance.

The FDI’s locations of the future competition covers each region once every two years and the judges for the 2007-2008 survey were David Kinnear, president of DDC HRO, a provider of business process outsourcing in New York; James Ku, manager at the consultancy firm Tactus-Asia Ltd in Shanghai; Anupam Prakas, Asia Pacific leader, global business sourcing and business transformation, HR consultancy firm Hewitt Associates in India; and Larence Yeo, CEO of international consultancy from AsiaBiz Strategy in Singapore.

In the youngest citities category, Davao City made it to the top where Cebu City ranked 3rd and Quezon City on the 4th. The city of Davao ranked 2nd among the cities with lowest middle management salary costs and ranked third with the lowest senior management cost. It fall on the 6th place in terms of lowest manual cost category.

Davao City Councilor Leo Avila III who made the announcement during the January 8, 2008 regular session said that the result of the survey made by FDI is an indicator of how the global business views the city.

It is added feather to Davao City’s cap having been pronounced to be competent enough to be placed among the ranks of high placed cities in the world like Singapore and HongKong.

Anybody from here got something to be proud of and all Dabawenyos must live by how the world views this city from the South.


30 thoughts on “Davao City: Asia’s city to watch in the future

  1. joshua mabunga says:

    Now that the ayala center will push thru and the Robinson mall has just started, im sure the bajada will be busies street like edsa, so the govt should start the so call coastal road, more flyovers and roads too.Im sure Davao city will be the best among the best in the Phil, and also in asia

  2. joshua mabunga says:

    when i went to singapore last 2004 with my son. we spent christmas vacation there, its really beautiful city and well decipline, there street are clean, and also the rivers, hope also in our bangkerohan river, our gov’t should monitor these river in Davao city.
    And also i was so amaze the beautiful of our very own people’s park as what i seen in new york city there central park there, nice to have one here in Davao.
    sana may LRT na dito

  3. joel says:

    im so happy for my home town, Davao city. i know if the people will maintain the cleanliness and the peace and order of Davao city, it will be one of asia’s best city. yes more malls, point of interess, parks and hotels should be put up to attract more tourist. tourist will generate much needed revenue for the city. this also will create more jobs and open business opportunities for the people.

  4. hi joel we did it again … and you be proud of Davao City again we Dabawenyos contribute to what it is today. Let’s spread the word and let us keep our city moving forward … madayaw !

  5. roy gacus says:

    > I’m very satisfy with the progression here in davao city, it’s just a big milestones for us davaoenyos to keep our city boom….

    > I’m hoping that the railway project proposed by the japanese gov’t will come true………

    > I’m hoping that we’re going to beat cebu city or metro manila in terms of big buildings and urbanity.

    > I’m looking for the future that davao city will be the premiere city in a whole wide Asia.

  6. yes roy i am also looking forward to that development here in Davao and we can beat that if Dabawenyos unite and work for that dream to come because we will first be benefited. thanks for dropping.

  7. Hiusa2290 says:

    Amazing… I Hope this will be a good start towards the city’s further nature and urban developments… The development of the city greatly depends on the discipline of both, the gov’t officials and the people….If other countries can do it, we can too, all that we need are (great sense of ) nationalism and determination, and I MEAN it!… (>_<)

  8. jogs_rimando says:

    hi guys
    i thank God for the achievements of our city
    well i want to see davao in the future not just a common city that has lots of sky crappers, but to see our city to be well manage in terms of cleanliness and security.

  9. Hi guys,

    Congratulation! I m from Penang Malaysia, the second largest city in Malaysia which on July 2008 was awarded the Status of World Heritage and Culture by the UNESCO.

    However, the city has many problems in traffic, cleanliness and security. It has one of the worst public transport system in the country and traffic jams are common experience here especially in holiday season.

    Of course the jam is not as bad as in Bangkok and Metro Manila.

    Then the cleanliness of the city. It was commented by our ex-premier Dr. Mahatir that Penang was the dirtiest state in Malaysia. Since that, the local government has been trying to reclaim the tidiness of the city which is also known as Garden of the East, but little improvement is shown. The once famous beaches still remain as dirty as ever.

    The city also had the highest crime rate and drug addicts in the country. Once the number of snatching cases on the street had horrified both the tourists and the residents. The predators were mostly drug addicts. With the incessant effort of fighting crimes and cracking down drug trafficking, it appears that there is an impressive change now.

    Therefore, please dun compare Davao City with Singapore and Hongkong. These are metropolitan cities and their cost of living is awfully high. One glass of drink costs 130 pesos in HongKong whereas the same glass will cost 13 pesos in Penang.

    Do you get what I mean? Think about the prices you have to pay always being a modern city.

  10. ralph says:

    Davao city almost have the similarity of singapore,samal island would be look like (sentosa island) and bankerohan river will be the (riverside walk) in the near future. what makes davao city so unique is all about the island and the highland.you’re closed to it. well perfectl city for the tourists.

    been travelling entire asia and all main cities in the island of philippines but ive never seen and feel so comfortable except davao city.less crime compare to the other big cities. simple example, taxi drivers in davao city do always the good shot. they always do the meter thing compare to the other cities.they even give u back the cent exchange. another thing, even if u sleep in the city, no harms. it is very safe even at night.


    why is it always on the websites that mindanao are not safe to travel?

    well, the fact Davao City is located in mindanao but only the safest city and most liveable city in the whole philippines.the only city in asia that has rescue 911 that i knew.. less crimes and less calamities. less traffic so why is it not safe to travel?

    everything are so cheap….. and thats something u have to think about..

    so to all the tourists, i guarantee u.u wont be ripped off..

  11. alfredo m sustiguer says:

    yes davao city is the no. 1 city in phils. or maybe in asia no wonder because dabawenyo’s are discipline people.


  12. steve says:

    I believed that Davao City is one of the best Cities In Asia…
    for my first visit in Davao City I really amazed the streets are clean…the taxi Drivers are really awesome I loved The People in Davao City.

    • indeed you had your day going around the city … thanks for the good impression … and thanks for loving the Dabawenyos … and most of all thanks too for visiting this site …

  13. randymark rosquita antala says:

    maybe in 20 years or less, it will be a reality one of the finest in asia, we have a wide land area and take a look at the upcoming projects, it is realistic…keep moving forward davao…I love my hometown…

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